DISCLAIMER: These notes are from the defunct k8 project which precedes SquirrelJME. The notes for SquirrelJME start on 2016/02/26! The k8 project was effectively a Java SE 8 operating system and as such all of the notes are in the context of that scope. That project is no longer my goal as SquirrelJME is the spiritual successor to it.

Working on compiler front end stuff. Making FrontEndTask use the same interface as JavaCompiler's getTask is a bad idea and is rather plain. I should parse options first then pass an immutable-ish set of options.

I will go with Launcher instead to do all of this, shorter and easier to say than FrontEndTask. The Launcher will have a settings thing which handles the stuff from KEJC and will use a very simple class which contains all the specified objects rather than handling all of it within the Launcher itself. Access to files would have to be locked and done by only one thread since the internal compiler made by Sun/Oracle only works with a single thread. Most chances the diagnostic listener would support multiple threads calling it in the middle two. Also, if that were to happened you might get "ABABABABB" patterns in your message output which would then be very difficult to get the real information out of. Actually I was thinking about making a whole new class to handle the settings, but I can just use a WormStore since I made it do what I designed it to do. Although right now WormStore is not fully implemented functionally speaking I can implement more of it. I think instead of Launcher or FrontEndTask, I will just call it BigTask since it manages the whole thing. Yes WormStore WILL work, because then it can just use the Options enum which can have the WormStore handling stuff similar to VClass in echelon. Note that to handle encoding, the StandardFileManager creation if null must be belayed otherwise things may get a bit confusing. Too tired to stay up, eyelids are very heavy. But before I fall asleep on my laptop I will note that -encoding must be done in run() or whatever since that makes the file manager which is passed to getTask().

For my current laptop my keyboard broke and there seems to be a defect in the lower memory slot so I have a non functional keyboard and very little memory now. I can still code but it will take a bit longer as it is more keyboard oriented rather than using the trackpad on the laptop.

Using a WormStore would be over engineering the problem, I just need a simple EnumSet that contains option values and not so checked values inside of them. The option set would stay within the compiler anyway. Simpler is better. However for concurrency I will go a bit more complex. If one uses multiple CPUs they should be utilized when needed, so that there is never really any blocking being done except in the most dire of circumstances. Actually instead of making things complex, the CompilationTask in BigTask could implement some thread control things. Then hairball can use that for extra concurrency sub control jobs, neat. There appears to be no real class in the existing library that does what I want, there is ThreadPool but that appears to be rather complex and over the top for this.

The hairball build system will never call a sub process but create new threads to do work with. When there are many complex compilation tasks and translation tasks going on at once, there will need to be major synchronization so that effort is not wasted. Hairball will probably need its own file manager to handle locating classes. The files can all operate on the root of the system and requests will be based on files. Since the stuff is concurrent it can do file locking itself so to speak. So say if the compiler attempts to open a class file to convert into binary code, and another compiler task attempts to do the same thing. There would need to be some kind of locking to that both tasks do not do the same work twice. This can be done and hopefully compatibility with the standard stuff can also work out at the same time. The compiler will need specific support to determine what other jobs are doing, so as such anything like this would be only in my implementation of it. However, running two compilation jobs in the same directory can result in timing attacks regardless due to the slight wait before a request. So hairball will have to be specially coded to prevent such things. Another possibility is that I am overcomplicating the issue since I seem to be getting a headache now along with thinking stuff related to this. Or I can just keep it simple, use the controller. Race conditions would be quite some work to solve however.