DISCLAIMER: These notes are from the defunct k8 project which precedes SquirrelJME. The notes for SquirrelJME start on 2016/02/26! The k8 project was effectively a Java SE 8 operating system and as such all of the notes are in the context of that scope. That project is no longer my goal as SquirrelJME is the spiritual successor to it.


Appears my annotation group stuff works, I have not exactly been able to test it until now.


Before I forget in the future, I should also have the annotations that are associated with the enumeration value also attached because they could be used in the future.


Just realized that most of the stuff that I use such as Arrays, has been added in 1.6 which is not available in 1.5 at all. I could always increase the requirement to 1.6 however.


Need a script to use for debugging GIJ/GCJ.


Of which does not work when remote attaching at all.


Now I am back at the point I was before, a Json enum handling thing similar to ArgumentParsing. Of which is called JsonHandler.


No more changes to ArgumentParsing are to be required, so I shaved off about 300 lines of code during this refactoring. It also easier to use and much less buggy so in the end it worked out quite well.


Need to flatten my other laptop's keyboard because it keeps popping out, so I have switched to my recently fixed PowerPC laptop, although it is a bit sluggish compared to the other laptop.


Going to change the project.json tags a bit that way it is easier to parse and to make it more dense. Going to turn the massive depends, suggests, etc. arrays into a singlular "interfaces" where that is an array with that stuff in it. Then I am going to "x-" prefix the unimportant stuff that is not critical to the core operation. That way, the JSON files are a bit cleaner than being messy, I will have to modify the parsing scripts though but it should be much easier then.