DISCLAIMER: These notes are from the defunct k8 project which precedes SquirrelJME. The notes for SquirrelJME start on 2016/02/26! The k8 project was effectively a Java SE 8 operating system and as such all of the notes are in the context of that scope. That project is no longer my goal as SquirrelJME is the spiritual successor to it.


One thing classes must lack is a constant pool since that complicates things slightly when loading and gets rather messy when a table must be looked up.


Need to make all the logging stuff package private instead of private so it may be reused when needed.


Whoops, accidently forked my main tree, no big deal.


Going to need a better ConstantPool class than last time around.


I have this plan to write a StarCraft clone, perhaps I can make it part of my OS for demonstration purposes, and to have a game being included in it since it is a game itself. It could also help with testing the runtime on various systems to see how well it performs and if it performs correctly.