DISCLAIMER: These notes are from the defunct k8 project which precedes SquirrelJME. The notes for SquirrelJME start on 2016/02/26! The k8 project was effectively a Java SE 8 operating system and as such all of the notes are in the context of that scope. That project is no longer my goal as SquirrelJME is the spiritual successor to it.


Ok, the day changed now. I feel strange hah.


I am going to try listening to Trance even though I actually do not like Trance. This current song is another tracker called trance machine with a copyright of 1994 july/mdf/mtf.


For classes I might not need to have a writable version of it, however not to sure. By default my class writing will just lead to dumping.


Been searching for a song to change. Potentially found a new song called Endless Dream and it seems rather happy and up beat. Made by Aberration. Might need some more coffee.


It has been about an hour since I last drank some coffee so I suppose some more.


The bad part of that song is it had a voice saying "Yeah!!!" and "Dream", I just removed those instruments and the song sounds much better.


Have not coded at all though, but I should grab some more coffee.


Went back to Trance Machine. However I should actually do some programming rather than look for a song, since I have been doing that for about 4 hours. Wow does time fly. But I just ate some food and drank more coffee.


I do not believe the caffeine is working, I really just want to fall asleep and I feel the weight on me. I do not seem concentrated at all. I do not feel very awake at all. Feels like I am just slowing down.


I suppose I am not going to get much stuff done because I have to fight falling asleep until sunset. Sunset is at 17:00. It is currenly 4:46. So that is essentially 12 hours from now.


I am just insanely tired.


I might just attempt a short powernap, set a bunch of alarms 45 minutes from now and just close my eyes.


And I did, I set my alarm 45 minutes and fell asleep or similar. When the alarm woke me up, I set it again for 45 minutes in the future and did it again. Thus now I am. So essentially an hour and thirty minutes of sleep, I do feel a bit better now. I believe the sun is starting to rise because I see brighter clouds where the sun pops up. I suppose I will go back to programming since I got a nap done.


Oh neat, a planet is visible through the clouds. Most likely Venus.


I should make sure that when the constant pool stuff is written, the global one that is, that the null entry is skipped and is not an actual constant.


It is getting much brighter outside now.


Pretty cool how the rising sun makes all the clouds a bright pink/orange color. I can notice it getting brighter from the light reflection off my hands.


Now the sky is blue.


I must now implement reading of interfaces in Java classes, however due to the new DataAccessor addition I can refactor a slight bit to use that instead of a ByteBuffer.


The nice thing I can do is easily switch computers and have a different thread of thought. Just step over to my laptop to the left from the desktop and open up all the Java binary code for a small refactor to DataAccessor. Then once I am done I can resume work on the desktop.


DataAccessor could use a byte stream kind of thing since that is how I handle most of the Java class data since it is very linear. I wonder what I should call it though. I suppose what it should support is DataInput, however that class throws IOExceptions everywhere. However it does handle EOFException though. So do I use it or instead have a kind of buffer under/overflow exception instead.


Well DataAccessor was an interface, now it is a class.


Well now the Java class file stuff uses DataAccessor however I do not know how correct it is since it is not tested.


The Disassembler should for example take a SeekableByteChannel for reading input data.


Was doing some outside work, I am completely blasted. However only 4 hours and 15 minutes until sunset. Hopefully I can stay awake until then, and hopefully my sleep is normal. One thing I hope for is that there will not be any wake up forces. Some people might just start blasting music at night or revving engines much.


I could actually have a generic cache manager of sorts, either field based or key based. Using a static system, it might be able to save on the method references and such. I can use MethodHandles for the stuff. Then that cache stuff can be combined with the base binary code stuff. The cached data would be stored in the instance of a class and the MethodHandle would have a getter and setter for the field if not cached. That would remove the lambdas to read and write for example as the class could handle it.


The sun should be setting in an hour or so, which means sleep as I have been up all night resetting sleep hopefully.


I need some kind of infinite loop end of method guard just in case the end is reached when it should not be.


It is getting darker, the Sun is starting to set.


Still a bit bright but street lights are turning on now. I suppose this is where I call it a long day and continue tommorrow.