Ant is going to get a bit complex, so I suppose I need a kind of mini hairball that is very light for this to work.


What I really need though is a generator for build.xmls which I can recurse into when compling things potentially.


I believe I am going to use a shell script instead, this would be limited to building on UNIX like systems only however. But on non-UNIX systems this would prove a bit more difficult. I can do something similar to Squirrnix and have a compilation of a basic system which builds things.


I never realized that LinkedList was a Deque, that is pretty nice.


The one thing I am missing though is the lack of unmodifiable collections. I will need to duplicate that for certain cases.


Looks like JavaME has something called liblets now, this means that there is no longer a need to cram entire libraries into a single JAR and now it can just reuse pre-existing ones.


Actually, I believe I am feature creeping again.