Today is also going to be a busy real life day. So what I need to work on next is figuring out decompression and such. So what I first need is an input stream that can be used in any position in the ZIP. So the base class works. This would then be used for the stored stream or passed into the soon to be deflator.


Would be the inflator.


ZipFormatException has to be renamed to something more generic with all of the inner classes residing in it.


I could use the extra IO stuff in another project. Then I can use that for example with CRC32 or a size limited input stream.


Looks like for the defalte algorithm I am going to need a bit based input stream which can read values of arbitrary bit size.


There is a slight issue. DEFLATE uses a 32KiB sliding window, however that might not be enough memory for certain systems if they have an extremely limited RAM size. So decompressing could be very costly in terms of memory usage. So I need a kind of dynamic sliding window which could potentially deduplicate and compress chunks as needed. I suppose the first thing I should do however is implement the actual sliding window and then possibly handle compression following that. So basically I could use say huffman compression on the fragments of the sliding window. Then sliding window fragments would be active and be in WeakReferences for example. So when they are inactive they are merged with other blocks potentially and compressed with a low memory consuming huffman of sorts. Then once they become active they can be referenced. Also the most recent block will always be active until it is down far enough in the chain to become inactive.