Actually, when it comes to what a specific kind of register is I can have it variable as needed. For example, I might not need 64 integer registers, but I might need 72 floating point registers. Then at least I will have a more Java purposed instruction set so to speak. I can have 5 types of registers:


Then this way I will have a better means and will not be exactly locked into how registers are used.


The interpreter due to the refactor no longer needs the full CLDC and now just relies on the compact one.


Hopefully this intermediate language works out and stays compact. I suppose as a first step, the byte code is translated literally to NARF and then following that it is compacted and such.


I need to simplify the build manifests and generate them as required for dependencies to fill out the Class-Path and the LIBlet/MIDlet dependencies. I currently just have this information duplicated but it could be handled by the build system. I also have enough of a layout where I can build a simple build system in Java and then use build.sh as a bootstrap to it.


Actually the build system is just going to have some duplicate code, so I should fix that case.


DirectoryStream is not recursive, that explains a few things.


Refactored build system is nice, and perhaps tommorrow I shall get support for building on Windows, which should be very simple.