Was cutting grass, however I thought about the future code computation. Basically when it comes to instrutions I can have input and variables associated with the operation variable state. Then when computations are performed these can be used directly. However, there is potential that this is not required at all.


Not liking how my current variable slot states and such is going. The variable states is turning into how the code was before, a bunch of mutable states that gets calculated first. I suppose I should do the same thing as the operation handlers for the SSA code. However I believe I am going to take a slight break from the interpreter and work on the class library since my work has been slowing down a bit.


I also need to be able to test the standard library to make sure that it works. However the only way to actually test if things work properly is for the interpreter to be written to run the code to be tested. However, I can write a test framework which should pass when host tests are ran on the desktop for example.