The sliding window test would be the most complex test to port since much of it is sequential.


A slight problem with my changes is that it depends on the test framework broadcasting the available tests then checking against them. I should modify it so that I can run specific sub-tests which vary on the input string. For example the sliding window uses a seed, I can instead for the test specify the random seed to be used in the sub-test name


For some tests I will need a generic way to create any kind of test based on the input arguments. So basically, a given set of tests such as those for integers and objects will be decoded and sent to a factory which performs the operation as desired. So a test for example could be equals(int:2, int:2)==boolean:true where the arguments are decoded as the specific type and value and then passed. Then it can be compared against a given value type.


I will have to come back to the test framework after I work on other things. I would need to redo a few of the tests. Not too sure if I had any other ideas to refactor. I did the main splitting of the extra projects so that are more standalone and compacted. I would not like to return to the compiler/interpreter, so that eventually I can get code generation being performed.


So the first thing to be done, would be to run through all the operations to determine the bounds of the basic blocks based on jump targets and such.