I woke up around 5 or so this morning.


I am going to use monitors such as wait and notify for the event handling. This is a situation where it would be quite handy to do so.


I believe I am going to move the implementation down so that it is not kernel but kernel.impl instead. Otherwise operating systems and architectures could conflict with packages that exist in kernel.


I can also split the mascot package around and actually put them in their own package. So for example, I can have low resolution PNGs or XPMs in their own package. Also the original logo forms too. This way instead I do not have to duplicate the icon in as many places.


Thinking about forwarding http://multiphasicapps.net/ to the repository, so that it becomes the official page and the offical software that I write. I would however have to see if the web server I use can check if a file exists and then if it does not, forward the call.


This is perplexing.

[null, null, null]

Actually figured it out, my icon requests were being made for 0, 1, and 2 but not the ones I actually desired.


Actually my PNG data is malformed, I was assuming that hexdump output the same kind of output. However for very small files, the address is not printed.


I suppose I should take a short rest, since I did wake up earlier than expected.


I made http://multiphasicapps.net/ the repository, so it is more public. So this is the first content I placed on the site since for about 8 years or so.


I also should probably copy the reddit updates to a local file for mirroring and other notes in general.