Going to need a means of creating method descriptors from fields.


The prefix should probably be shortened, although I consider really long class names to be a bug.


I also need a byte code writer and one that can generate the required StackMapTable attribute along with other details.


When it comes to array virtualization, I would suppose that I would use a proxy interface in the PVM environment where access is then virtualized by a common outer class to internal array data. Arrays in the virtual machine have to extend Object. So I suppose then for arrays, I will have to create all of the byte code manually so that the extension conditions are met.


Actually, the PVM could support rerecording at the increased cost of extreme complexity by making class loading determinstic. However that would be too complex of a task.


I have not touched the byte code reading code in quite some time.


It would be best to decouple the verification of byte code, well code that has explicit externals from being verified. So it is up to some other code to make sure that a given method for example exists when a class and its code is loaded at run-time.