The JITTarget can use a simplified output which is matched to operating system packages. Instead of just say powerpc32.linux.generic the targets will essentially be powerpc-32,big.linux.generic. However since some packages might support some bits and others not, there would essentially be a list of stuff rather than just having single entries.


I looked at my site through my mobile phone, it renders the blueish color as a kind of grayscale. This looked quite nice, so I believe I will switch color schemes.


Ok, so the JIT is to be completley decoupled from the JITOutput so the JIT will be final and the generation logic will be placed in JITOutput instead.


This means that the JITOutputFactory being associated with an operating system and architecture in the constructor makes no sense at all.


Using the configuration greatly simplifies finding a supporting output factory.


This means the native code generators are decoupled from the JIT which means the JITCPUVariant does not need to exist. However, native code generators could still be part of the output in a way. I could very literally have virtualized JITOutput which either call one which generates instructions or calls another JITOutput. So there would need to be some kind of back bridging of sorts. Or the native code generators could be completely standalone as a kind of interface which is bound to some kind of output.


The triplet for the Nintendo 64 would be mips-64+iii,big.nintendo64.64drive.


Looking at a project written by someone else, they made a clone of a 2D kind of version of Minecraft. This would be interesting. However you would play as a squirrel and can go through caves and such. Lighting can be based on visible light and then heat. If there is enough visible light then heat-vision would not be used. Otherwise in very dark caves heat-vision would be used. Since you have no tools, heat would be very important in dark areas. Anything warm blooded generates heat so basically in a very small area you would be able to see the ground (as heat) from your own body heat. Very hot objects in heat-vision mode would be white to pink to red while very cold objects would be purple to blue to green. Yellow and orange could be in the middle so to speak. You would see yourself in heat-vision mode as a heat-colored blob. So bats flying around would for example also be heat colored sprites. Then they would light up with heat other areas. On the surface during the day, heat and visible light could be generated. At night the heat goes away and is just a varying amount of visible light (depending on the moon phase). The deeper you go into the Earth, the more heat is generated from blocks (due to pressure). So after a certain point deep enough you would be able to see where you are going due to the latent heat. Heat could transfer over all block types depending on their heat conductivity. Lava for example would be very hot. Any bodies of water would also match the temperature that they are. When it comes to sunlight the ground will heat up from the sunlight (assuming it is not in the shade). If the ground is thin then heat from the sun could light up the ceiling. Veins of lava that are in cave systems or in the ground can create local hotspots of heat for the most part. I just need to make sure that squirrels can actually see heat (infra red). They do have good vision. Squirrels can actually see in color too. So I could match a color scheme similar to that. They can see blue and yellow, but any other colors are as good as invisible.


Well, Squirrels cannot see heat at all so they would essentially be running around a cave in the dark.