Ok, so I need to commonize JAR recompilation and packaging.


GlobbedJar is no longer needed in this case.


So I will need to implement the namespace writer currently. It would either write classes or copy resource data over. This depends generally.


I would suppose for the Linux output with a given architecture that when it comes to general computing systems (nothing esoteric) that most of them are generally the same when it comes to code generation and execution.


Actually the simulator is an emulator more than a simulator, so I shall rename that.


I misread the specification when it comes to versions. Versions may have 2 or 3 fields separated by a decimal point. However each field may only have one or two digits in it. So my current 1.8.20160707 versioning is invalid. Since all releases will generally be compatible with each other (nothing will break and nothing can break as per the specification) a release/major version makes no sense. Since compatibility is also kept, a breaking version number would make no sense either. The only things that are added is support for new hardware once the implementation is complete. So I suppose I should go for a date format such as (year - 2015).(month).(day).