I added a Bitbucket mirror also, since eggs are better in multiple baskets.


For tests I can have a similar test argument system using some kind of standard form, possibly escaped. This would be used instead of URIs.


I actually will need a far better reporting system also. Currently I just have a test checker with a bunch of methods. The testing classes are a bit old and not that powerful. So I suppose before I continue writing the Zip writer tests that I would


Rewrite the testing system so that it is much stronger and so I can have actual sub-tests and such. Some tests generate some more information so they are not explicitly binary. There are also some meaningless cases where the values of some tests do not make sense when compared for equality. Thus, I will add specific less than, equal, not equal, etc. conditions.


What I can do is have perhaps a per-class configuration for tests which may be used to provide extra functionality perhaps.


I need to design a good interface for test information.


I would suppose that when it comes to


test names I should have individual classes with the correct format and such used for test names.


So I suppose there should be a test configuration of sorts and then a result from a given test. Rather, pass the test result storing and have sub-tests and counts. Failure would be a percentage for the most part.