I suppose for simplicity I will just force the data descriptor to exist for uncompressed data, otherwise it will be extremely difficult to detect the end of the stream.


In the future I will need to refactor the blocked base ZIP files.


I have an infinite loop somewhere.


Appears the CRC is not correct.


The namespace headers and sources are missing.


And I fixed that, although it appears everything that is written is in error. However the output ZIP is written and it does contain the basic files. So really all I need to for the C code is to actually write it now.


So now I can test the C language output. Looking at it the resources are heavily undersized (they are given a size of 1). The class externs all refer to just the namespace and have no actual class details. I need to also implement string data writing and putting those externs somewhere.


Now I have compilable C code, although more stuff needs to be put into it for it to be more useful. Right now the file is 123KiB. It contains quite a number of symbols also.


Switched to uxterm, it definitely much faster than my previous terminal which was quite slow. Hopefully with a new terminal, I can work on things much easier now since before I was basically waiting for my terminal to draw the output. One thing I must get used to however, is the lack of tabs. However there is screen with some initial discomfort.


One thing to do tomorrow would be to create resource structure and associate their data with them. Then after that I can ignore debugging them for the most part.