I need a namespace format that is simple to use and can be directly executed in memory. So I suppose I should keep a table of contents and write that at the end. I will need a shared string table also. Similar to before. I should aim for everything to be aligned as possible, so all details in a class can just be treated as an integer array for the most part. Methods will need a global binding table, although this could be shared among all methods in a single namespace. When a namespace is loaded, the function table can be called in. The entire table could just be function pointers to other methods and called as such. So get of a field just changes to a function call which can check for correctness and determine if a class needs to be initialized. This way the only thing that needs to be initialized is the actual table itself for each namespace. I would want to avoid duplicating static structures elsewhere in memory. Although there would be some speed loss from using many functions, it would simplify things because the code would not need to check for special conditions at all. So translate everything to a method call for simplicity. When an interned String constant is requested that would be treated as a method call also. It would have to create a String object if one was not set, but that could be done with a volatile. The initial bootstrap would completely have to avoid using objects for the most part because it would have to setup the memory management routines, basic stack, and the heap. Classes and objects would not be initialized. However, I could just setup a basic heap at first and setup the initial tables with binding handlers. Generally the first thing I need is allocation and a stack. So I just need to think about class initialization in the early boot stage process.


When a method call is performed, there will need to be a pointer to the namespace table for the current process for usage. This way each process can have their own unique set which does not collide with other usages. For the early initilization stage, these pointers can be initialized as usual. So then all the calls should be the same for the most part. Since classes are also used, I will need an actual class table also along with the string table. Because I need to refer to classes for initialization before Strings may even exist. So ldc (Foo.class) of a class returns a Class. So then the call to the function table would be then:


Where the C equivalent prototype would be:

Object* getClass(int __classid);

I may need an extra pointer to the classpath or namespace setup however and to remember it in every method. So this would be a global virtual machine pointer. The bootstrap would setup this virtual machine.


The function table could just be a reference from the VM table. Possibly the best way to do this would be to have the VM structure not be a Java object. It would have a raw representation and exist outside of the virtual machine. Then this way I do not need to worry about initializing classes and objects for it since that would completely complicate the bootstrap process. There would however be method which can manage access to the internal VM structure.


The Creator CI40 will be shipping around next week, very exciting.


Manually converting my mascot to SVG, this will take awhile but it should be optimized!


Inkscape is not too bad.


Right now I just have the ears and the head hair done for the most part. However it does look really nice.


Did the ears, eyes, the head hair, and part of the face. So far it looks well.