So BasicNamespaceWriter loses EDIS usage and does not use it at all, however for writing I can always wrap that in a proposed future value changing operation. So I would need to devise a new class where I can easily specify a kind of write callback to be performed before a write operation. I can use a growable/shrinkable byte array (not like ByteDeque) that implements DataOutput so I can easily write such things with the given interface.


DataEndianess is a duplicate, I knew this from the start because I did not want to import cldc-full for some classes when it was potentially not needed for operations. However, I am considering removing it. However a problem with this is that ByteOrder is not an enumeration, so that makes it more difficult to use for example. I cannot just make it an enumeration either.


I have an infinite recursion where a base project has an optional dependency which depends on the base project.


I need a means of facilitating an easy to distribute test system where I can package a single set of projects into a single JAR. For example, I would need to run tests on the reference implementation on a specific device type. I must have a script that can do this. In general, I will need a test suite where I can run CLDC tests and other such things on the environment. Since the reference implementation I am basing off does not support LIBlets, everything will need to be exported into a single JAR file, which is quite simple. One other thing I can do is take my existing class decoder and perform a simple pass which renames methods and class names using a prefix (method names are renamed due to Object). This would act in a way as a standalone mini virtual environment that I could potentially get running on existing VMs and ones such as J2ME VMs. These would be essentially standalone JARs with a kind of bridge to run single programs. This would allow me to develop the class library accordingly. Since I now have a package and building system that is standalone from the build system, this makes it easier. One considering is that ProjectList should be able to be assigned a static compiler and launcher, where if a null argument is passed it will attempt to use the statically provided one. So if I were to write a Java compiler that could be the default system. But if I do the translation layer as mentioned before and have a Java compiler, I could essentially get a standalone environment setup. Since as it stands right now, since the bulk of my library is just TODO, I would not be running much when it comes to code anyway. Since I have been stuck on the JIT for awhile, this could be an alternative where I can slowly work and refactor it along with implementing the main library. But the most important thing is being able to run tests on the reference implementation so I can gauge how things work.


Seems my global set is not working. I printed the identity hash code for the class and in both instances it is a different number. So class loader must either not be delegating or no parent was set.


So I have basic singular output, but some dependencies are missing so the JAR might not truly be standalone. The missing dependencies are mostly just optional ones.


Actually, that is because I do not include any optionals.


One thing I must handle are services.