So I have JavaDoc generating now, I just need to setup a script on another system that constantly downloads the latest trunk (or tip) and then generates followed by a sync for the JavaDoc to my local repository. Then from there the JavaDoc will spread. I suppose I can do this daily for the most part. It would be much processing however, but a script does most of the work for the most part.


Actually my markdown writer needs more state, since right now I have to pretty much guess some of the content, I need essentially paragraphs where text goes so it can be nicely formatted as such.


It can be a bit more object oriented. I can make another class which handles stuff such as outputting the characters to the stream. So for header writing for example it will handle the output. Essentially everything will forward to these sub-form implementations so to speak. I could then very much potentially make the outputted markdown very clean.


For the super class and interface classes, I will need to handle generics.


One thing I could do is generate and store a ZIP of the JavaDoc but that would be costly synchronization wise.