The SquirrelJME stuff can just throw exceptions, although I planned to use buggy error codes since those methods would be virtualized. However later in the course of development I just decided to do rewrites.


I was thinking of something. Something needed a wait().


mailboxListen needs one, for the very rare event that there are more Integer.MAX_VALUE mailboxes listening, there has to be a wait on the object for a later notification.


The mailboxes need an error state so to speak, if an Error is thrown then all other operations should fail for the most part. Well really, I just need to handle close. If a connection is closed during a read then it can just return -1 when a datagram is attempted to be read.


So I have closing now, but the TODO thrown by the server is not detected by the client at all.


I just need to implement sorted tree removal, or just switch to hashmap. Since now when the server closes the connection, the client goes to close it also now.


So right now if one side closes the connection, regardless of error or not, the other side just reads EOF. I do wonder if that is bad. It is however, simple. So now that I have IPC, at least in the same process, I can implement the rest of the display server and client now. I just made a simple message passing system which should be fast. All messages are sent locally and they are synchronized so they do not explode across threads.