Access to ZIPs could be wrapped using a virtual provider of sorts so that way I do not have to initially support ZIP files. I am thinking of rewriting my ZIP code because the ZIP block reader is a bit nasty and the inflation algorithm is quite complex.


Actually, I can just build a JAR that I can launch with java -jar and basically just skip the bootstrap when it is to be launched.


I can do this now because the host-javase project will depend on Java SE classes such as the compiler, so it will no longer be needed for the most part. Since I am going to work on the bootstrap system, what I plan on doing with the project split would be to have it where instead of recompiling all of the source code every single time it changes, I will only recompile what has changed. Then in the end the JARs will be merged together as one. Then this way, changes to the build system will not be as slow to perform. Some of the project system will have to be duplicated though, but I aim to make the project system that the bootstrap uses to be as minimal as possible (just names and dependencies). It will not care about making well formed MIDlets and such so that it stays simplified.