Looks like GCJ is getting the axe in GCC 7. I do not use GCJ because it is a bit out of date (only supported Java 5), but the AOT compilation it could do is rather useful.


My new bootstrap system is much faster now though, because it will no longer recompile every module regardless if it changed or not. This will save me some time when I change things around in it. The things being changed around would essentially be the whole build system so to speak.


I believe what I can do is have a simple deterministic map/set that is sorted. I do already have SortedTreeMap and SortedTreeSet (which is very much faster), but this one would be made for simplicity.


So what I can do is symlink from support libraries right into the build directory and setup the manifest accordingly. This way I do not have to implement non-build namespaces in the bootstrap system.


Since I did the symlinking, I can just use the sorted collections I wrote before without duplicating the work.


So things are looking a bit cleaning some of the projects around due to the refactoring.