So thinking about garbage collection, since it will pretty much be stop the world, I do wonder how I can optimize some of it. Well, basically it only has to be run if allocation of memory fails.


Well, basically I will need some kind of GC barrier that threads can wait on or just completely freeze potentially. Freezing might be the easiest although it could cause some odd state that could occur potentially. Another thing is that GC could sweep objects when safe points are reached in threads that are still running. But safe points can be anywhere.


For the launcher, I will need a way to determine which interface to use. I suppose what I can do is just have a class lookup which basically says that if LCDUI classes exist then use those interfaces. If those do not exist, then check for LUI. If there is no LUI support, then just run some kind of program and such if one was specified on the command line for example.


So I suppose what the auto-interpreter needs is a kind of configuration system of sorts, to determine which APIs, MIDlets, and LIBlets are available.