So I am somewhat working on the theory presentation. I just need to determine what is the best thing to place in there.


So I do wonder though if the auto-interpreter should share part of the SquirrelJME kernel that would normally run programs, or if it would be stand-alone.


It could very well simplify things that are supposed to be part of the kernel so that there is no need to write it twice.


So I will need a good kernel interface. I will need to handle paging, interrupts, and other such things. I suppose there should be a base class that defines interface and then have those exposed with other ones. I suppose then what the kernel would do is use interfaces for memory management. However, some systems might not use memory as if it were a normal kind of CPU. But, thinking about Turing machines at this point is a kind of scope creep. Those machines are universal anyway, so virtual memory can be implemented by them.


The one thing though would be the kernel loop for the most part. Essentially from the interpreter, the locking and threading would be handled by the interface. Running on an OS would be the same. Now if SquirrelJME were the OS it would have to do context switching itself. So I essentially need a threading execution model.