Been awhile. So I left off at installedSuitesIDs. Basically this is to go into the launcher/kernel and determine which suites have been installed. In the case of the interpreter, it will go to the project manager. So I suppose what the project manager needs is a binding of IDs to suites internally. It would probably be best if they were based on the hashcode so that if new siutes are visible to the interpreter, they do not cause reordering issues.


Dynamically installed suites can follow the same thing, so to speak.


So project wise there are APIs, MIDlets, and LIBlets. Only MIDles and LIBlets get suites associated with them.


I could in a way ignore binary projects and only handle source ones. Although I could not add more binaries. But it could work like that in a way.


Going to need to bring in midlet identities. I already have that code. So I suppose since the kernel does not have to really care for it, it goes into the launcher. But maybe just a base project.