This refactor is taking awhile.


Well for all projects I need two managers for binaries and sources as I had before. Well, my previous system worked although it had some issues so do I revert back to my older code? Well reversion would be nasty, but rather I can drop in and fixup so to speak. It is quite ugly for some things since it was made for this purpose. It would also be quite a hack. However, the various groups should not depend on other namespaces (except for API and Applications). In reality there are only APIs and Applications. So the APIs and Libraries/Midlets will the same, except there will be slight differences between the areas. So what I must have in this case, is a base class that works the same for both things. This way I only design it once. The only thing I need to consider is binaries and sources. But I did that before with a group thing that can be used, that way things keep it simple. I can just in this case have a generic argument in the base class for these types.