Ok, so the new project layout is nice, but the project code is not going to work out well that much. Maybe just what I need is a single central source for projects regardless of their namespace. So instead of all the namespaces, there are only projects by their name and their type. This would be a bit convoluted in some situations, but generics could handle some things. There would just have to be a kind of common set of code. So essentially I would just have a single class that manages everything for the most part. Then depending on the project type, it will be of a certain base class for example. A bit ugly in a way, but it could work.


So it would essentially be a uniform space, just that depending on the namespace a different class will be used for storage. So this would be similar to the groups that I had before with sources and binaries. The only issue are MIDlet and LIBlet dependencies. Also APIs too. I suppose what I can do is have the dependency stuff included in the base, but have it abstracted as needed. Dependency information can be its own class which has a lookup, so they would only refer to groups and such. API, MIDlets, and LIBlets can then depend on just project names instead as I have it before. Not worry about versioning and stuff, just hide that for the most part. So this means the project management system is the same as before, just that some things would be auto-handled and such. In the binary manifest generation, the dependencies would be handled as needed. So then this means that for the most part, I can keep most of the code base the same. Just that on dependency resolution time, there will be checks to make sure dependency requires are not violated (such as depending on a MIDlet). For run-time capability, I will need binary only capability. So on output, I will need to store some SquirrelJME build specific stuff in the manifests so the project system can be used properly. So pretty much the same as before.


So sub-project types will just have specialization while the bulk would be in something simple. I should have classes for binaries and sources so that not everything is duplicated and such. However, both binaries and sources would extend a base class for the most part.