Now I do wonder if my script works.


And it does, exciting!


So do I use a mass script to update every single copyright to 2017?


I would be doing it every year, so perhaps instead just removing the date range and having a global copyright file. But, copyrights should be shown in the files with a date. But it does add clutter and every year I would be updating the values anyway.


So soon, I shall code review and such. Also hopefully with copyright statements and licensing in a file, it makes things much simpler to manage because I no longer need to touch thousands of files every year.


Ok, so code review time. Still refactoring my build system for the most part and I have not really touched anything else. I did clean up all of the namespaces and such. I would say that my code seems rather fine and I like the direction it is going in. Just one thing that could potentially be a bit bumpy is the binary/source dependency stuff. If I want to look in the binary for someting it has to be compiled. Well, things need to be compiled regardless for things to function properly so there is not much I can do. At least I have it where binaries will always be up to date for the most part.


So all I need to do now is read the compressed ZIP data and decompress it. I do wonder though if in the end my code will be far faster than before. That would be a nice thing though.