Took a short break.


So I know how to represent processes. Essentially what I want is to make the execution part of it standalone and dependent on the implementation of the kernel stuff.


I could use a base kernel exception class.


It would be simpler if only boxed types could be sent to initial thread main method arguments so objects do not need to be considered at all.


So threads are created now, although nothing is really done with them yet. I need to implement getting classes for entry.


It might be best if no arguments are able to be passed to threads for simplicity, which means they must always be void.


So I suppose class initialization is done kernel side for the most part.


Will need to figure out how classes are initialized along with objects. Since I need the Object class to exist, but I also need the Class class to also be loaded. I could always use some bootstrap trickery. At least when it comes to Object it can have a method which returns the instance of the Class when it is requested potentially.