Cannot find a name for the sub-module I plan to write. This will contain stuff such as ExecutableClass and ContextClass. These will be used at compile and run time.


Thinking about it, the kernel contains the support for running classes so this means that executable-runtime is not needed.


I wonder if I should rewrite the JIT. The way it was written was for the old code, but the iteration is still nice. But maybe what I need to do is cut it down a bit. There are triplets, outputs, and configurations. Perhaps that is just too much to have in it. Most of it is base work, and then there are the namespaces too. I suppose the JIT in this case would just be a helper bridge between the class format decoder and executable output code itself. Maybe not a complete rewrite but a large simplification. Also currently the class format code is generally pass to the JIT output and such. Maybe in this case I can do OO in layer it. This would allow me to rewrite the class format code or rely on other things instead. But that might not even be needed.


Definitely one thing that is convoluted and pretty messy to use is the triplet and configuration system. I know an alternative that is more rigid but would be simpler to implement and would potentially be less intensive to write. The output by the JIT would be more direct.


One thing though is stuff such as fields and such.


So I might just get rid of namespaces or similar, will need to think about how to proceed and make things better.