I suppose I will need a JITExecutableBuilder which can contain machine code and other details in the class. I suppose for JIT simplicity that it is just a normal object and such. This could be used by the interpreter or the kernel directly. The machine code for methods will just exist within byte arrays for the most part. So this means for machine code building, I would need the dynamic byte buffer. It should have the ability to change specific elements. I also have optimized it in the past to be rather fast.


__getVia in ByteDeque is going to need to be repurposed a bit to also allow for writing. This will simplify the machine code because the actual bytes and such for a program will be these. At least, this would allow the code generator to not worry about resulting sizes. I also would not need to duplicate set and insert operations at all. Essentially, when a method is to be recompiled, it will return ByteDeque.