So hopefully today I can get units created, in the game, and rendered. Then the game can start to get playable a bit.


Actually with translation, I do not need to translate the coordinates when drawing because the Graphics class handles it.


If I inline condition checks I get faster drawing on JamVM, this can be a bit useful since it is slight slow. Also it would mean the graphical drawing code is easier to optimize in SquirrelJME. So in the long run it works well.


I could optimize drawImage() by having it instead use as much of the slice as possible since I now have drawing as tiles. So I can draw an image and get the RGB data as a series of tiles rather than just single scanlines. This will mean that there would be less overhead in method calls in general along with potentially better caching.


I do not need a condition for limitx and limity because if the value goes negative it will never exceed it. However it will be of a large value so it has to have a condition to cap it anyway.