I suppose MIPSBindings cannot be actual registers because there could be cases where some values will stretch between registers and such. I suppose I could use an enumeration which is just a register, but have no 32-bit or 64-bit distinction since all registers are the same size.


The o32 calling convention for MIPS is pretty pathetic.


I am thinking that the MIPS code will purely be NUBI only. If I need to call the operating system, there will just be an OS service for the most part. Any callbacks from the OS to SquirrelJME will just adapt the calling convention and such. The goal is to keep the bridges between conventions to a minimum.


NUBI is stated to be compatible with o32 though.


I have been thinking of the JIT, I do not know how much simpler it can get. I believe I just have to implement it now for the most part.