Probably will not get much done today at all.


For aliases, I should recursively get aliases until I find something not aliased, but throw an exception if there is a recursive alias loop.


I was thinking, what if I disallow aliasing to stack entries? But the problem of that would be DUP and such.


Before method calls I am going to need an unlink which goes through every slot and if there is an alias to a stack element that is to be destroyed it will generate a move and de-alias.


Actually what I could do is have two active states which can copy from each other. I suppose there would be a slot based interface and the set from whatever would be based on the interface and such. That way there is only a single method for such things. So since those two classes are literally the same, interface them up. Then this would allow me to have two active states. Because for stuff such as method invocation, the resulting state can end up really complex when a single state is being juggled.


Actually for the method invoke, there can be a passed input state and output state. The get active state can be removed and the states can just be passed on each call.