I think for the web demo it would be more sane to just compile to MIPS code like the simulator does and then just execute that code. It would probably be better than generating tons of horrible Javascript code. However, an issue with that is that the MIPS instructions cannot really fit well into JavaScript strings. I would need an ASCIIfied instruction set.


It would probably save a bunch of effort to not have a web demo due to the severe limitations of JavaScript. The language is really bad at doing what I want it to do.


It would be far too much of a hassle to cram this into JavaScript. It would also slow me down writing the JIT for MIPS because I would be writing two things. So it would be best to just ignore it for now and continue working on the MIPS JIT.


For method invocation I can probably commonize saving of temporary registers and values. Every target is going to have this.


No point having save logic code writte a few dozen times.