Having an actual object for instructions would be good because this way it is easier to use than just having raw integers everywhere.


Well the active counter in the constant pool is a bit old. This has been replaced by the link table.


I think initially the JIT could use some debug.


But using the type safe info should be far better because I will not need to check casts all the time since all input arguments in most cases would be correct.


Hopefully my parsing of the stack map table works.


Need to think about how the basic block queue is going to work and how it is going to flow into things. I suppose what it comes to are "jobs" that need to be done.


For Graphics, I could potentially implement some kind of accelerated Graphics that can draw graphics much faster than using the software framebuffer based approach. Although the drawing I currently have appears to be very fast, there must be alternative graphics backends for drawing faster images. So if some hardware has certain sprite engines and such, those could be used. The same could be said for stuff such as OpenGL engines too.