Ok so, there are resource groups but those are specific to resources. Classes would be associated with groups so they know where to get resources from. So basically what I still have are clusters. What I can do is just rename them to clusters and just have a list of class names which are part of the given cluster with an obvious back reference.


A base class which manages the linkback to the LinkerState to store the reference would be easier, then I can have a checked private call to get the owning linker state. This can be used to handle it internally.


I wonder if I should put the markdown files for my notes back into the repository automatically so that there is an actual backup of them since once the day is over they are done with. This would be just in case the documents are lost I can recover them easily. It would just generate a single commit of backing up the notes, then they would be available on GitHub and such or the local source snapshots. I do find them to be quite important though.