So Sections will get a create if missing. Also since many executable formats can have various different sections, I need a way to have something really more powerful than an enum. There for example would be the windows resource section, then for PalmOS there could be actual resource sections and such.


Also, static fields can just be allocated into one given area. Pure constants can go into the data section and be marked as such, while non-pure constant ones are initialized at run-time via the static initializers sometime.


This means that there will be a somewhat different way to lookup resources based on the target system. For example on flat binary systems it can just use a pointer to the resource data. But on say Palm OS it will instead generate a bunch of calls which loads the resource and such in a managed input stream. Well specifically, the getResourceAsStream() call is system specific. It will handle the cases correctly.


To handle cases such as Palm OS when it comes to resource usage, I can have a basic counter used that will determine the section resource should be placed in.