For simplicity rather than what I did before, the code that the decompiler generates will just be thrown into a basic code segment. Before I had a rather designed structure for things. There would be method details along with stuff like imports and exports. For the most part now it is just going to be dynamics and that will be followed by the class decompiler on the outside wrapping it up into a container. Effectively to the class decompiler whatever code is generated is just a basic pointer to the block of generated code. So the generated machine code made by the code decompiler will just throw it all into a chunk of bytes. With the delayed verification in place I do not need to worry about checking if everything is fully sane until later. One thing I can also add are checks for new to make sure that the initialized classes are really initializable.


So the implementation for the most part is much better and simpler and does not complicate things needlessly.