I am going to have to have a means of getting locale based information. This is needed for the TextField and such. However Formatter needs it also, so basically I am going to have a SystemLocale in unsafe which could be used to access the host system's local information when needed.


Hmm, the UIDemo I grabbed actually has multiple MIDlets. But my hosted launch only picks up the first one.


Ok so now the hosted launch allows multiple MIDlets and possibly the classic the command line to be handled. This is good because now I can fully test the UIDemo that is in an ancient version of the J2ME SDK (the WTK).


Ok so, optimizing boolean array accesses is possible because since all types will be known at compile time, the compiler knows to use a more compact representation. The same can be said for array creation.


ReferenceQueues work with the reference counting garbage collector and can work. A Reference can only refer to a single queue and when it is collected it will just be pushed to the queue indicating it has been freed. However there still is a manual poll check.


ChoiceGroup and List for insert specify a range that does not include the number of elements. "The elementNum parameter must be within the range [0..size()-1], inclusive.". And as such, I assume this is an error? I will need to verify it when I can.


I should probably setup a means where I can create quick test JARs and build them, perhaps somewhere in utils-dev.