Ok, so I need a release goal. I believe the best way to go would be to have it where development versions are even numbers and are just trunk and release versioned are forked off as odd numbers. Then development continues from the version in trunk so that the release version is its own branch. Then cherry picking and perhaps other fixes can be done to the released version. But I suppose things vary, I suppose I will have a release branch. I suppose when I make a release I will merge the trunk branch into the release one and tag it. But it seems kind of pointless in a way. But it does make sense where the release branch will always have the latest released version.


But my original thought was that the following will happen. I should have a proof of concept version be made so that attention can be grabbed which would be very good for me. Perhaps I could get donations and such to help me out. So my goal for SquirrelJME 0.0.3 will be to get the simulator up and running. For now the fastest way to do that would be to only implement HIL. Forget about the other parts for now they can come later. It will be incremental in the early stages. For now I will not need to worry about figuring out register allocation and other things. Once HIL is setup I can start work on implementing the main library and I would suppose to make SquirrelJME a bit more popular implement MIDP3 enough to run some games and perhaps have Opera Mini working on it too, which hopefully the proxy Opera runs still exists. So I suppose the game to run would be DoomRPG since that is a popular series that I know of and it probably consists of only a Canvas and such since I do not remember ever seeing any widgets. Opera Mini I believe is very similar.