Ok, so what I need is a FamilyTree and a FamilyNode, one that handles and detects recursion and builds a tree of what is implemented by what and all those things. This would be used by the interpreter for cast checks for example.


The Java compiler does not allow recursive interfaces, but I wonder if the virtual machine does.


Ok so, it does not permit circular interface declarations. So handle the multi-natured aspect of this, I will actually need a stacked queue of sets or similar. Actually, yeah that is what I need.


I believe lazy lookup can be useful, because verification can be deferred and such. Well just the verification for recursion and such. I mean all classes will be hit, but it can act as a cache for such things.


I can verify by recursion, I just need to fail on if a node is currently in visit mode. If a node is to be visited and it is in visit mode then that means there is recursion.


I need a new target which can interpret and such.


So I have an idea for Wintercoat, use a generated ROM on top of a C backend.