Question is do initialization keys go with values? I would say no because each value is unique anyway and that would require copying new values when all of the same values become initialized.


TextBox, TextEditor, and TextField are literally the same exact classes with carets, size limits, and constraints. It would be best to just have a single common class all three can use.


So the question is, do I do graphics through a framebuffer and have my own display interface kind of thing? Or... do I have it where widget engines which match native UI elements and otherwise able to be used. It would be nice if native systems could be considered and such. I know many users have complained about Swing's huge lack of native widgets (even though it really supported them), although it was quite odd. I would need to figure that out.


Pretty sure I want to support codepoints and emoji when it comes to font, since those are the wave of the future. Only thing is would be handling color and dynamically generated fonts. I will say that of the LCDUI interfaces that fonts will be the most complex thing ever. I also need to figure out a way to do reverse font lookups which will be needed by drawing. Most of the classes are given Font, but that needs to be reversable from the font manager to be able to draw them properly. So I am pretty sure I will be able to do that, if I manage things correctly.


This will mean that Font just wraps some PrimitiveFont.


Actually, maybe instead Fonts are just handles to primitive fonts with special specifiers. Basically there are just FontHandles, which are pointed to directly.


Actually, what I can do is just hide the fonts within handles which is stored by the hash code. Basically I just have a mapping of every single font which has ever been created by the native system. This makes it simple to be handled and such then.


Question is, how do you handle DPI differences across displays? That would be a bit complicated, so I suppose the DisplayManager should have a consistent setup. Well really, I suppose when it comes to fonts and anything display dependent, it should just use the default head to get parameters from. Since multiple heads can in fact have different color parameters and such.