I am going to refactor the graphics drawing classes since they can be done so much better. Also images could be directly accessed along with their pixel data so things could be done much faster too.


Going to see if SquirrelJME works on Java 9.


Not really feeling it right now for the most part.


Suppose all I can do is do some minor refactoring.


I believe for simplicity I will have it where the graphics system has no widgets. It will not match the native feel, but it would provide a more consistant experience. Also it would be much simpler to program and I would then be able to completely simplify the display system. There would still be display heads, but they would just provide some native graphics and other such things. Basically, the purpose is to simplify things so that it is not a mess. I know people will probably complain about the lack of "native" feel but this is MIDP, it is what it is. There could be a theme engine anyway so it could be modified to not be too bad. But when it comes to games, they all use their own UI anyway. So having a native UI is probably not much of a point to begin with. So for simplicity I will just have a basic UI. I do also need to handle cases for tab panes and whatnot.


Also I think I will make the filesystem mandatory.


Ok so, I think I will combine all of the compression code into a single project ZIP. Which supports zlib and all that stuff, along with checksums, and other things.


I need a script which can read in every error code and sort it alphanumerically but replace it in a way where it reorders them cleanly. Of course it might be a bit messy, but it can work for the most part.