Actually with the LCDUI code having the case where it is only in the simple way I planned yesterday, I can just have simplified fonts and such too. This really this is a great simplification.


Also an unrelated idea I had was that I could have maybe just what I codenamed Booplets which are cldc-compact and a very simple UI and sound library which could be used for the very very limited systems. So things would still work, but it would be bare minimum support, not even like MIDlets and such for the most part. Of course the default implementation of the backing end would use the LCDUI code, but in the general native sense it otherwise would not be using it.


I need a cleaner bit of code which can manage the display properties such as where things are drawn and where the content area in the display actually is. Basically something mutable that can be calculated and updated in one simple and very easy step. It also can manage the content area which would be very important if one is provided. It would be recursive for the most part, but it would be very simple to do. But it would basically start with a Display and then go otherwise. This way it can handle tabbed panes too.