I believe the TargetBuilder class is too big and parts of it are too attached to how the code used to be. Also, the template system is a bit ugly. I think what would be useful is to have a link of sorts which can be given a bunch of projects which are then flushed into the JIT as one. Then the target builder can use this class. That way, I can test the JIT standalone without actually needing to generate any kind of target.


Also, something which can be useful would be guest projects in the project manager. These would be projects which can be added dynamically as needed.


Luckily I can refactor the ProjectManager class and still have this compatiblity.


I suppose the build system could use some refactoring and merging so to speak. Also had an idea, if I could spawn other JVMs with similar property sets from Java and having a communication path too, I could hypothetically have a means where I can spawn other programs as if things were a standard SquirrelJME VM, although that would get a bit iffy since there are no spawning means. Additionally the host system would need to be detected to handle these cases. But for the build system, how about where instead it splits sources and binaries away completely. Basically, I have a SourcesManager which is rather fixed and knows about all the source code that exists. Manifests, dependency handling, and manifest extrapolation must be handled correctly. But basically my idea is that binaries are purely virtual objects that are cached. These binaries could be added without needing sources. I can make SourceManager just provide source information. For building a temporary class can be used which manages dependency lookup itself. This way, sources and binaries are completely standalone. I do however need something which can compare dates and such. Also I should support building without any sources.