I should continue the cleanup of the namespaces.


The main thing is the rewrite of the un-safe classes. Before my plan was to have something which was purely static, but I think it would be best if there were instances that provide direct native access and such. Rather than using static replacements which in my opinion seems a bit ugly when special things are needed. Instead of having external and internal classes, I can instead have only externally visible classes where the internal details of classes are then accessed via protected interfaces, they can also be exposed directly to the same class as package private. So those internal hidden methods are protected but then there are final public methods which are more secure. This would make more sense in Java than having purely static methods. Also it potentially allows the CLDC implementation to be rewritten or overridden for a given implementation. It would be a bit more complex but it would work out for the most part. I would not need to have compiler hacks just to override certain behavior, although assembly bits would be needed for the most part in some situations though. This means that if I want memory mapped byte buffers and such, then all arrays just point to memory for their array data instead of having it as part of their object.


This would also ensure that all the methods are implemented and not leaving it to the compiler to make sure it is.


Of course, how do I name the given classes? There would need to be a final class which contains all of the locally initiated interfaces of the primitive methods. Well, they are basically just SystemCalls, but really they provide access to internal run-time details.


This means that when SquirrelJME is compiled super statically like I intend it to be, this means the kernel and the userspace can easily be split by classes rather than doing some kind of special checking or split, makes things easier.


The only big thing however is, how are the classes initialized? I suppose I will need methods which return their own field value (which is null) and then the fields are set by the virtual machine. System properties and such would not be visible when those classes were initialized. So actually what I need is an alternative main entry point for the Java SE system which initializes those special fields magically and then continues to the main constructor. This is the only way the bootstrap environment would work correctly. So this means entry into a special method instead of what I currently have: net.multiphasicapps.squirreljme.builder.entry.BuilderMain. Then that is forwarded as a normal call, since the bootstrap must be setup.


At least on static SquirrelJME VMs, there will need to be special initialization of the fields to the VM operates properly anyway.