Neat so you can run Java code on Android as raw classes assuming you convert them to dex files. You additionally do not need to compile an APK to run them at all. So personally I wonder if since it is now based on OpenJDK instead in Nougat if it will have the JavaCompiler classes.


But it seems there is no java.nio.file.Paths. So I will need to get a list of classes which exist within my own Android system.


I think what would simplify the kernel a bit would to have a low-level kernel area and then a higher level area. Basically a kernel which is initialized by class which provides access to all of the internal kernel details and such. This would be used by the system process. Then the user-space bridge could be in CLDC which can use the kernel and such.


Actually system suites when used in Suite do not do anything at all, so I do not need to initialize a suite or anything.


The next thing to move over are the mailboxes. With the new interface it could be done a bit better for the most part.