So when it comes to the kernel and the installation code, the stuff is quite intertwined. But I can have common dependency checking and such before passing it off to the JIT or another thing which processes the program.


For the JIT to operate, there will need to be a means of storing the class information and any linkage information. It will need to know which classes actually exist and can be linked to. Otherwise it is just a mystery as to what is even available.


I wonder if I should care about ranges of versions, even for those that do not exist. So basically you could say: Depends on CLDC-3, which that of course does not exist as a standard at all. But, I suppose the best way to put it would be to have exact versioning. So if nothing provides support for CLDC-3 then it will not be provided even if it gives CLDC-8. This would make things much simpler to implement and I would not need to worry about complex interactions between things.


I believe for dependencies it might be best to just not remove any dependencies which were matched. Because a dependency like MEEP-8 could be taken away from a project which partially implements it, so all programs need to be considered as such.