Okay so when I get suites installed, I should work on a new test framework which can run on other implementations and such. Basically these will be a ton of unit tests but also conformance testing by supplying results and such. I do need to measure existing systems to make sure they work, but there is only pretty much a single instance for the most part. So basically these will just be unit tests and such. I could also probably get the JavaDoc generation working too so that there is actual documentation that can be used. The documentation would be useful for looking things up for the most part. I could keep it simple, or I can do more fancy things but have it all in markdown. I think fancy bits would be helpful because there could be usages and such. If I could have a cross-project usage of things, it would be handy for the most part to see how the code is laid out. However it would complicate things a bit. I think I should just keep it simple.


The multiple set of dependencies is a bit complicated, so they need to be simplified. So I am just going to have sets of classes which implement dependencies. Then basically I can just go through two sets sort of. The only issue would be actually the dependencies because they could potentially have ranges and such.


So suites right now can be installed, I just need to implement having them be able to be ran.


I should definitely eat first, but hopefully I can get suite installation and then client applications communicating with the server. I am going to go with my planned input/output pipe to communicate with child processes.


It is is the new year soon and I also am 3 commits away from 8000 commits! So that is rather nice! But anyway, I will need a base class for the Java tasks since I will want to know the JAR paths to use for programs. This is the base class for programs.


One more commit until 8,000! yipee!


Okay so ClientCaller is going to need a daemon thread which for the most part just acts as IPC when communicating with the kernel.


So a new year will be here in a few hours.