Happy new year!


The big thing will be figuring out the best way to handle the IPC in the KernelTask in the kernel so that it does not require duplicate code all over the place. Naturally the system task will not need an IPC interface. I suppose the task should be created with InputStream and OutputStream which is used when communicating with the client.


Okay so it would be far more efficient memory wise and simplicity wise if packets themselves were in their own class. I can also move the packet code to its own project to be used by the kernel too. Then other projects can use it if needed to perform some things. Also, having raw byte arrays is a bit ugly. I can have a packet factory which can be used to give packets which can be written into, along with providing streams to read and write data. That would make things a bit easier to use. Then also, I can have a single chunk of byte array data where packets can be source from. If packets can then be closed, those byte array resources can be recovered and such. That would definitely reduce the memory requirements and reduce code doing ugly things like string conversion and such.